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These articles about St Swithun’s Church, its history, buildings, contents and some of its more famous people came about in March 2015.

Geraldine Durrant, Editor of East Grinstead Online emailed me

I found the 1946 history of St Swithun’s online today and it was a treasure trove of interesting stuff…I wondered if you fancied doing a little series on some of the more interesting odds and ends theregraves, memorial stones, windows etc…Nothing too long – a picture and three or four sentences…Artefact of the week…We could run it on a Sunday.’

I asked the Vicar at the time, Clive Everett-Allen, for his permission. His reply, which is so characteristic of Clive, was:

Of course you are free to write for East Grinstead On Line. I would strongly encourage it. Is the retiring Vicar among the artefacts? Possibly a relic?’

 What follows is a cross between a walk round the church and some connections to the Gospel reading of the day or the season of the Church’s Year.

This collection is offered for interest to those on Church Watch, to Visitors, Church Guides and to the Ministry team and Parishioners of St Swithun’s church.

There is still so much more to be examined and so much more to learn.

Please let me know if you have more information that you would like to pass on.