Off Road Cycling round East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK

These pages catalogue some of the available on and off  road cycling routes that are accessible from East Grinstead, West Sussex.
Both the Worth Way and Forest Way are suitable for bikes of all types and cyclists of all ages and abilities.

This map shows some of the main routes please view the individual pages for more routes and shorter trails.


I have regularly cycled on these routes both on a mountain bike and commuter bike. Initially I used a mountain bike with a hinged crank to help with a bad hip but after a replacement hip I was able to just use a shortened left crank. I’ve now got an EMTB and I’m starting to find routes further from East Grinstead.


Most of the routes shown here are on minor roads or bridleways. This area is not very well served for bridleways so finding circular routes away from major roads is sometimes a problem!

Most of the routes start in East Grinstead at the Lewes road Roundabout at the start of the Forest Way or from the Station Carpark at the start of the Worth Way.

Each page will have a gpx file for download and a more detailed map.

MTB Trails

These are mainly short sections which may already be part of routes above but are here to highlight them for the more adventurous

Unsuitable Bridleways

These are bridleways that for various reasons are not suitable for riding